Tri-Wall Swansea, Pleasant Road

Tri-Wall was invented and patented in the USA over fifty years ago by two brothers, one an engineering genius, the other a marketing wizard. Together they created not only the material – known throughout the world today as “Tri-Wall” – but also the intensely customer-service driven Tri-Wall Fabricator Network system.


This system of creating a Fabricator Network in every country in which it operates, is what continues to differentiate Tri-Wall from all other packaging companies. Tri-Wall’s global journey ignited in the late 1960’s, illuminating Europe and Asia with it’s presence, and not stopping there.

The Project

Crafting innovative packaging solutions involves utilizing various materials and processes. However, the need to modernise the current production facility had become increasingly burdensome, driving up manufacturing costs and exacerbating the environmental footprint of the Group. Procuring new premises posed its own challenges, as the scarcity of affordable land in the vicinity presented a significant obstacle.

The Solution

Big Box Buildings’ solution was to introduce a premium bolt-down steel IPE insulated building at their primary production site in Swansea. This innovative approach eliminated the requirement for piling and significantly reduced the need for extensive foundations, resulting in substantial cost savings compared to traditional new construction methods. By implementing this permanent solution on-site, they were able to diminish the company’s environmental footprint while also enhancing the potential for increased production in the wood packaging division. Moreover, all of their buildings comply with Eurocodes for offsite material manufacturing, ensuring a lifespan of 60 years in the UK and 50 years in the European Union for these steel structures.

Tri-Wall Floor Plan

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