BigBox Automation introduces a groundbreaking warehouse solution

Are you thinking about automation and want to experience a flexible way of automation with fastest set up and lowest cost?

The XP15, a unique automation tool for pallet transport now live and available in the UK from ourselves with demonstration available to prospective applications.

Experience a rapid 1-2 day installation, streamlined order processes (weeks to days), and advanced 2D navigation. Operate seamlessly with android or keyboard controls, handling up to 1.5 tonnes of pallets. Enhance safety, achieve cobot collaboration, support multiple drop-offs, and adapt to various bins.

Our customer-focused approach ensures flexibility tailored to your needs.

The team recently experienced a highly enjoyable day with EP Equipment at the European center in Brussels.

We delved deep into their automation journey, exploring future advancements, implementing automation products across Europe.

For further details on how the autonomous realm of pallet movements can seamlessly integrate into your operations, offering very realistic and swift returns on investment contact us today.

Features of the XP15:

1. DIY installation.

2. Sushi bar, bus stop and taxi mode: with these configurations all applications can be automated.

3. Cobot: manual operation is possible next to automatic mode. Let the Cobot cover the A-B-A transport, people can be deployed for more skillful, value adding tasks. This Cobot is a product, not a project. The basis is a normal pallet truck, with all it’s characteristics. It can drive in narrow areas, pick up closed pallets, drive over slopes and door- hall passages. Can be used as normal pallet truck.

4. Unique, straight forward 2D navigation. Guidance by the stars – for the navigation reflectors are used, which are put on the roof. It is an in-house developed navigation system.

5. Easy Implementation:
a. Stand alone, no WMS or network connection. No infrastructure needed
b. Easy teach in by using the intuitive app
c. Easy changing or expanding routes
d. Complete implementation in 1-2 days

Interested and curious how and where this truck fits in your company? Contact us for a quick and efficient online site survey meeting. Schedule your appointment now. Or call us on +44 (0) 1430 449986.

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