A key component in the supply chain

Warehouse design is of the upmost importance… a warehouse is much more than a building, it’s probably the most important link in the supply chain.

Equipment Specification

Logistics Integration and eCommerce

Building Design, Layout & Efficiency

warehouse design
Warehouse Structure

Warehouse design can make instant improvements

Typically our customers contact us because they realise they have warehouse issues and want to improve efficiency.

These are just some of the problems they face:

Running out of space

Costs too high

Poor productivity

Poor layout

Processes not working

Thinking of moving

And these are the sort of solutions we provide:

Lower warehouse & handling costs

Help with facility layout

Warehouse & materials flow design

Expert equipment selection & supply

Stock systems integration

Effective eCommerce solutions

Big Box - warehouse solutions
Big Box - warehouse solutions
Building Layout and Efficiency

Building layout and efficiency are vital

If you are looking at a brand new building or adapting or redesigning an existing facility we can help.

Big Box Intralogistics have extensive experience in assisting customers in the identification of issues which can improve existing facilities or help with the design of a new warehouse. We achieve this using a well-tested design process:

  • Improved facility designs, layout and operational efficiency are all facilitated through fully computerised CAD systems and simulation software.
  • We draw up a specification which gives the basis for the warehouse design options. These are then presented to the client with simulations and full sets of drawings.
  • Our warehouse design begins with a review of the existing operations and the gathering of data. The design solutions are influenced by the analysis of this data as well as working with the client.
Design layout

Facility Designs

We use a well-established project process to build a picture of what to expect from a warehouse during periods of normal and peak-activity. This process takes into account the following:

Building/site size and dimensions

Warehouse technology & equipment selection – both manual & automated

Storage and stocking strategy including racking and shelving

Mechanical Handling Equipment access and use

Labour resource requirements, manning and workstations

The type of goods and/or materials that are being handled

Capital and operating budgets

Once the specification and the layout is approved we produce final CAD drawings that we, yourselves and any sub – contractors can work from. Changes to these can be easily incorporated throughout the installation process to overcome any issues that may arise.


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