Efficiency and safety of intralogistics

To compliment all the other products and services that Big Box Intralogistics provides its customers we also offer a range of ancillary products.

Labelling– rack, shelf edge and content labelling

Signage– directional, instructional and safety signage

Netting & Barriers – safety and protection systems

Loading systems – dock doors, ramps and tunnels/shelters

warehouse ancillaries
Ancillary Products

Discover our Ancillary range below

We’ve categorised our ancillary products into five.

Using the most advanced materials and printing technology available, we can provide various types of warehouse labels including paper, plastic and metal labels, all are durable and perform to the highest standards.

Warehouse labels are used to identify:

  • Pallets
  • Rack and Shelf Locations
  • Bins
  • Boxes
  • Cages
  • And have many more uses

Our warehouse labels are produced with a combination of barcode, alpha, numeric and combined alphanumeric content, with the latest in linear and 2D barcodes.

We can provide warehouse labels that vary in construction and manufacture, some can be regarded as a consumable item, replaced after just a few weeks of use, whilst others are more permanent and need to remain in place for years.

Durability is a huge consideration that is also dependent on use. This is why we supply labels made from paper, polyester, plastic, aluminium,steel etc. Each is designed and supplied for a specific purpose helping to maximise potential and reduce costs.

If you have a label design and print requirement, whether it’s apart of a major project or just a relabelling exercise you need get in touch with us.

Our signage helps identify particular areas in a warehouse, warn of danger and provides detailed rack loading information.

Our range includes:

  • Aisle Markers – these are used to identify which aisle in the racking to head toward for the next pick or put-away. As we design and produce the bespoke aisle marker signs in-house these can complement your abelling system and are designed to work hand in hand with you warehouse layout.
  • FloorSigns – Warehouse floor signs help communicate important messages, often about safety. Produced from tough materials, floor graphics are constructed to withstand the heavy traffic levels that are found in warehouses.
  • Floor Stencils – These are applied directly to prepared or unprepared floors. Options for stenciling include directional arrows, text, numbers, logos, speed limits or warnings. You can select the size and colour of the stencils. All of the stencils are made to order.
  • Hanging Signs – Hanging Signs are a very popular identification method and once fitted are safe from impact, dirt and debris which can cause problems for other types of signage. We use industry recognised fixing mechanisms to ensure that our Hanging Signs are suspended safely.Installation is provided by our experienced teams.
  • Rack Load Notices – Load Notices are a requirement of the Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (SEMA). SEMA provide 13 basic templates which represent various rack and shelf storage arrangements. We use these to create Load Notices for our customers with customer specific details.We also produce bespoke Load Notices to customers specification and designs.
  • Health & Safety Signs – We are able to provide a range of safety signs that are used in warehouses and distribution centres. We supply common health and we also supply bespoke signs to a customers own specification. Signs are made from a range of materials, rigid plastic, and aluminium depending on where they are to be hung.
  • Door Dock Signs – These signs are placed both internally and externally to identify a docking or loading area.

Operatives need to be safe and damage to materials and goods needs to be minimised. With this in mind at BigBox Intralogistics we can help you create a safer environment for all with ournetting and barrier systems.

Our Warehouse Netting provides a safe, easy to install and practical solution to the problem and avoidance of accidents in working environments. Netting offers many applications within a warehouse or storage facility to include:

  • Back of rack netting
  • Back of shelving netting
  • Dock door netting
  • Handrail net
  • Mezzanine floor net
  • Special application netting

The flexibility of the netting structure minimises the possibility of accidents by spreading the impact of the load consistently across the net structure. Our Warehouse Netting system is tailor-made specifically to your size requirements.

  • The netting comes complete with all the required fixings and there is no cutting or alteration needed on site, reducing operational impact and installation time.
  • Netting comes in a range of colours, sizes and strengths and is easy to install.
  • The polypropylene mesh can be put up and taken down quickly as required making it a cost effective alternative to a steel mesh system which is prone to erosion and damage.

We supply modular safety barriers for use in intralogistics facilities, which are manufactured from flexible polymer. This gives industrial-grade fall and impact protection in contrast to the classic iron and steel systems traditionally used for crash protection.

Our barriers provide increased impact resistance, even at high collision speeds. At the slightest impact, these security elements will bend and then take on their original shape again. Our barriers provide durable, eco-friendly protection for people, fittings, equipment and buildings. Advantages are:

  • After a collision, no repairs are needed and there is no need for installing new components again.
  • The barriers will not have been ripped out of their anchor points during collision, leaving any flooring intact.
  • The construction materials are light and easily transportable and need no treatment or painting.
  • They can give protection to racking, pillars or columns, impact protection for loading bays as well as protection for materials handling equipment in the workplace.
  • Most importantly they help protect staff from injury. Our barriers can be used to identify and safeguard workplace zones in the warehouse.

Loading systems and docks are essential in the delivery and warehousing process. By enabling the use of specialised equipment when loading and unloading freight, loading docks help increase the efficiency of the entire process, cutting costs.

By investing in loading systems, businesses can reduce handling and distribution costs. As technological innovation sweeps through the transport and intralogistics industries, one thing is clear, businesses benefit from a faster, more efficient process. And loading docks have a major role to play in speeding up the supply chain.

Big Box Intralogistics offer a range of products to enhance your dock loading.

  • Loading Dock Doors – these form an important gateway on the loading dock area. They not only offer security, they also provide insulation and minimise energy loss. We have a range of loading bay doors to meet all needs including roller doors, air doors and curtains and cold storage doors.
  • Loading Dock Ramps – dock ramps are designed to compensate for the differences in height between various lorry floors. With our ramps the load can be moved in or out of the lorry in a single movement. The sturdy steel construction with anti-twist platform easily compensates for any tilting, even if the load is not distributed evenly. They are easy to operate and, above all, safe, with anti drive off technology.
  • Loading Dock Tunnels/Shelters – these offer all-round protection from adverse weather conditions, save energy costs and prevent drafts that could result in staff shortage due to illness. When combined with a dock leveller, complex canopies and ramp assemblies are not required. Big Box Intralobistics flap dock shelters fit all lorry sizes and are therefore universally applicable. High-quality top and side flaps give stable, flexible and tear-resistant service. They are easy-to-assemble and replacement is simple and inexpensive.