Delivering materials and goods

A conveyor system adds speed and safe handling for raw materials, finished or boxed goods…

Cost effective and flexible solutions

Easily expandable and reliable

Improved space utilisation

conveyor systems
Conveyor Systems

handling for raw materials, finished or boxed goods

Conveyor Systems need to give smooth, uninterrupted goods and materials flow in and around a facility. They must deliver efficient handling and distribution across the intralogistics piste.

Whether you need a single conveyor system, or a cross warehouse automation overhaul, we offer in depth conveyor systems experience, design and specification services. You can be assured that we will install the best conveyor system for the job.

Minimal maintenance and low power consumption

In-built safety features

Improved, smoother handling of materials and goods

We offer four types of conveyor

We design and supply simple warehouse conveyors

Through to more complex “production to warehouse” transit systems.

At Big Box Intralogistics we use our expertise and product knowledge to ensure your conveyor package comes together seamlessly. There are four basic conveyor types that we offer:

This is a traditional powered system, used for lightweight duties. Belts are very flexible, able to be used on bends as well as gradients. They are also flexible in use, able to handle most packaged or unpackaged goods, including aggregates and powders. The main limitation is weight, beyond a certain limit they will start to slip. They are also not good for sharp or abrasive products.

Using free running rollers these are maintenance free, simple, low-cost transport systems. Rollers are mainly used for moving solid items with a low centre of gravity. They are perfect for items with a fairly flat base and no protrusions. It must also be remembered that items will experience a small amount of vibration as they pass from roller to roller.

In situations where gravity is not enough e.g. where items are coming off a production line, a powered roller conveyor is required. This type of drive is often used on powered bends and curves, in tandem with conventional straight belt conveyors. These conveyors are ideal for bulky and heavyweight items especially palletised goods.

These conveyors move products and materials from one height to another, or between floors. They can be used for transporting goods in a vertical manufacturing situation or for connecting a mezzanine floor. They are a cheaper and more effective solution than a goods lift. As the conveyor needs to grip the item the most common form of inclined conveyor is a belt.