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Transform your office space into a contemporary, comfortable, productive working environment with BigBox Furniture.

Bespoke interior office design

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Bespoke interior office design

We offer bespoke interior office designs, tailored to your unique specifications. Whether you need a design-oriented workspace to enhance productivity or a comfortable area for your staff to unwind during their break, we can assist you from the initial concept to the final design.


We can assist you in transforming your newly acquired office space into a functional environment, ready for occupancy. This involves the installation of partitions, tables, and seating, as well as setting up storage areas. Our goal is to balance functionality with your desired aesthetic.


Looking to give your existing office space a new lease of life? During the refurbishment process, many companies include new design features that contribute to creating an inspiring and on-brand atmosphere for their employees. We have exactly what you need to deliver the perfect balance.

High-quality Furniture Products

We proudly supply innovative and sustainable office furniture from a reliable local manufacturer.


Why choose us

Fast turnarounds & minimal disruption

Our close working relationship with manufacturers and expert installation team will ensure that your project is completed on time and around your schedule to ensure minimal disruption.

High-standard quality finish

Our team will hand-pick and assemble the highest quality furnishings best suited to your office space. We work with the best manufacturers to make sure you have an office that you’re proud to show off.

Bespoke designs

Whether your end goal is comfort, productivity, motivation or simply aesthetic. With our expert eye for detail, safety and efficiency we can fulfil every one of your bespoke design requirements.

Ongoing working relationship

We take our time to understand your business and its requirements. Building a strong working relationship with your business to make sure you can benefit from our expertise.

Office Furniture Proposals

First and second floor plan

Floor plan arrangement shows how the modular desk configurations could work over the floor box positions. Some soft seating has been replaced with High benches for touch down working/meeting.

First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Office Furniture Proposals

Modular Configurations

Modular Configuration 1

Each cluster of desks can be created in a modular format using these four components: Cubeform – Type A, Cubeform – Type B, Single Desk, Double Bench Desk

Modular Configuration 2

Each user will have: Locker, 2 drawer unit, 2 Open shelves, Steel pedestal (if required)

Modular Configuration 3

Modular Configuration 4

Director or Head of Staff, Desking configurations

Campus Furniture Options

Staff Offices

*Extract of Second Floor Office Area

Social Learning Space

*Extract of Social Learning Ground Floor


What people say

The BigBox Group is made up of four complimentary businesses that can interact and combine together or each can provide an excellent standalone service.