Warehouse expansion for a busy national 3PL

A Client who already had temporary buildings on site came to us for a quote and quickly realised we not only had a better product than competitors were offering but at a very good price. The result was they got a better solution and saved money.

Howard Tenens

A well-known & respected national 3PL, already well familiar with temporary buildings, wisely included us in their Request For Quotes in a wide field of better known suppliers.

Big Box Buildings reacted quickly, visiting the site right away and suggesting options that others didn’t. In the end the customer went for something fairly standard so it could be redeployed elsewhere when no longer required. They found us to have the best price AND a better product, with superior features. These included a thermostatically controlled heated steel valley gutter to keep snow and ice off, many others just put a strip of PVC between structures.

We also specified steel flashing at ground level with several barriers and methods of sealing to reduce ground level water ingress risk. Another feature was inflated gables, others provide single skin for economy, reducing the insulating effect. A big plus were the steel gutters and extended downpipes that we fitted, keeping water right away from the structure, competitors plastic pipes just stop at the building, allowing water back in. We also fitted wider pedestrian doors to give better access.

Points of note…

Because the site was busy when we surveyed it most of the surface area we were going to build on was hidden by machinery, stock etc. This would have prevented many others from commencing construction – our install crew just adjusted everything on the go, modifying anchorages and even excavating a kerbed concrete area when we realised that it wouldn’t quite fit otherwise!

“We completed the whole install in just 11 days when others would have taken 3 weeks. Quicker, cheaper, better – what’s not to love and our customer totally agreed!”

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