Re-configuration of existing racking and supply of MHE

The client had an existing warehouse which had been vacated by the previous tenant and required a re-configuration and also repairs and renewals to the racking system to accommodate a new tenant.

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Repairs, Renewals and a new FLT…

The racking system was now obsolete on the market, so we dismantled some of the existing racks which we then used to carry out repairs required to this original system. By using our existing racking stocks we added too and re-configured the layout of the warehouse to increase the capacity from 1800 to 2350 pallet locations. This was mainly achieved by extending runs into new areas and increasing beam levels heights.

Materials handling was also something we identified we could improve. So we based the operating aisle within the racks on VNA (2000mm) and supplied, on contract rental, a new Flexi AC1000 Articulated Forklift and supply of 2 New Pallets Trucks.

“The client was very happy with this cost effective solution using a combination of existing and new equipment.”

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