ProGlove improved scanning, picking and sortation rates by 18%

Rex Brown were looking to improve efficiency and scanning was identified as an area where major improvements could be made. The introduction of wearable scanners was an obvious answer.

Rex Brown

Out of all the scanner options available to you why did you choose ProGlove?

We chose ProGlove over any other scanner for a number of reasons: firstly, the Pro-Glove scanner outperformed all other scanners that we tested for both recognition speed and distance. Secondly, the construction of the device is of much higher quality than others that we tested – we are more confident that they will not be destroyed in hardworking roles. The construction of the devices also allows us to maintain a more covid-safe practice, with users using their own glove and disinfecting the scan unit after use. Lastly, the SDK integration path provides a much tighter integration with our apps, streamlining certain aspects of user interaction and providing feedback features not available in other devices.

What benefits are there for you and your team in terms of efficiency and accuracy in use?

The primary benefit to us is the increased working efficiency of the unit; devices that we have used in the past would often struggle to scan certain barcodes if they were too large, too far away, or too small. The obvious benefit of this is increased efficiency and ease of use – getting a result instantly and reliably saves time that would have been spent retrying the scan multiple times. Another benefit, unique to the ProGlove, is the feedback system – when the user scans the wrong item or the barcode isn’t recognised, we can trigger feedback in the device to instantly notify the user that something is wrong; this saves time where they might not be looking at their display to see that they have scanned the wrong item for example.

Are you picking more per hour? What’s the increase and have you seen any other improvements?

We are picking at least 18% faster when compared to our previous devices due to the various points listed above. We are also picking more accurately and precisely due to the accuracy of the scanner and feedback system.

Have your colleagues embraced ProGlove?

My colleagues love working with ProGlove devices because of the performance of the device, and the feedback system. The performance of these units over our previous scanners makes it easier and less painful for them to scan otherwise ‘difficult’ barcodes. In addition, the feedback system provides them with instant confirmation of the items they are scanning, making their lives easier by allowing them to rely on the feedback rather than checking their display after each scan.

What are your plans for 2021 and beyond as Rex Brown grow’s

After proving out the use of ProGlove in 2020, we plan on integrating it into multiple systems across the warehouse including goods-in, goods-out, manual packing and stock allocation. We are also planning to create a concept for an artificial reality-based picking system, with ProGlove as the primary point of interaction between users and the virtual system.