New pallet storage and picking systems to meet customers needs

The client had won a new contract, which required them to supply a pallet storage and part picking operation. We were asked to come up with a design and layout to increase storage and workflow but within the same footprint.

Undisclosed Client 2

Revised storage and fitting out picking areas

The new system was designed to work with their existing MHE but with the need to maximise storage and increase the efficiency and working flow. We designed a new 2 tier system which allowed for bulk pallet storage on the upper levels using FLT. The lower levels where then decked out to accommodate picking locations 2 deep based on a 1100mm depth bay.

The picking process needed to be flexible, in terms of product rotation, so to achieve this manual picking bins were installed. These were matched to the bays width and depth allowing maximum use of bay profiles.

As this was an enclosed system within a much larger warehouse, we had a rack configuration of 2 x single runs and 1 x double centre run. The 2 outer single runs had “anti-collapse” netting attached to prevent pallet fall to adjacent working areas. The system was then finished off with the fitting of Rack End and Upright Protection.

“The new storage and picking area is exceeding the clients expectations and has increased space utilisation and picking efficiency.”

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