‘L-Shaped’ covered outdoor storage

IPL Hull (formerly known as Straight Manufacturing)

Hull-based, long-established plastics manufacturer, IPL Hull (formerly known as Straight Manufacturing) are currently undergoing an ongoing development and investment program and Big Box Buildings were excited to be a part of that. The significant growth of their business was putting increasing strain on storage space and the outside yard was fully used.

Covered outdoor storage was desirable from a quality and auditing perspective and the client required an ‘L’ shape format, so we were able to provide two steel framed buildings joined together with a valley gutter. The solution was both cost effective and efficient to build. It has a single skin PVC roof which makes it economical and single skin cladded steel walls, which also provides security. A steel valley gutter runs down the middle & rainwater gutters/downpipes along the sides.

Steel framed buildings are considerably stronger than aluminium so have a much longer life expectancy. At larger sites and/or exposed windy locations, steel frame buildings are often a great choice. Our steel frame design can be retro-fitted to an existing concrete pad (or flat tarmac sometimes) without requiring costly groundworks.

Big Box Group have a long existing relationship with IPL Hull (Straight Manufacturing) as a racking & safety goods supplier so it was great to be able to add a building to this offer. In line with our ‘turn-key’ solution approach, in addition to the building project, we also undertook ground works to an adjacent but unrelated area and supply of a small plant room.

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