High bay pallet racking storage and MHE at a new site

The client had moved into a new production site and worked in the modular building industry . The building benefited from a high roof of around 14m. As this was a fairly new business the client was open to a variety of ideas for a “Goods In” area which ultimately will supply parts to the production lines.

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Design and Implementation of the New Racking System…

The client went out to tender and a number of options were proposed from Reach Trucks to Wire Guided “Man Up” systems. Each was considered but the option proposed by Big Box Intralogistics was chosen.

We first designed the layout using our own in-house CAD system, a layout which worked for the client in respect of storage and flow of materials, from the Goods In “Acceptance” stage to the supply of goods and materials to production. We then produced “in-house” 3D Simulations which enabled the client to get a virtual view of how the system would look and work.

Once the client was happy we then supplied and built a new High Bay Racking System with a configuration of 1 x Single Entry Run and 2 x Double Entry Runs. These runs had bay levels and weights loadings designed to work within the existing floor loading capability which had been previously surveyed. Our final top beam height of 11m suited the building and the operation perfectly. The system was completed with the installation of Open Boarded Timber Decks to upper levels and Racking Protection all round.As the system was designed for maximum efficiency we designed the MHE working aisles to 2200mm Rack to Rack.

New MHE completed the project…

To enable the whole system to work we completed the project with the supply of 1 x New 11.5m Flexi “HiMax” Forklift, which was fitted with an HD Camera for high level work plus a Load Safety Cut-Out System which also doubled up as a pallet weighing monitor… and until the new truck was delivered we supplied the client with a short term rental truck to allow the new warehouse to commence operations straight away.

“From design to implementation the client has been impressed by our knowledge and expertise. Most importantly they have been able to continue everyday production during installation.”

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