Facilitating a packaging company’s increased production during the pandemic

Inspirepac needed to quickly increase production to satisfy demand, partly for urgent medical supplies during the 1st lockdown, whilst complying with standards - which required two new buildings installing in challenging times to say the least.

Corrugated Packaging Co

Although the discussion started long before we’d even heard of Wuhan, it was the start of the pandemic here that accelerated the urgency to get these buildings installed. Fortunately Planning permission had just been granted so no delays – though we suspect they’d have given us the go ahead and done Planning retrospectively if not (we can manage all aspects of Planning for you if required, including a confidential initial free consultation).

Previously the customer’s Goods Out packaging products had accumulated in the yard, exposed to the Great British weather, not good generally but especially when cardboard – so fortunately everything is now kept nice and dry, whilst keeping the birds and the beasts away too, satisfying BRC standards. The buildings are integrated with the customer’s existing facilities via fixed tunnels, so remain sealed – and the buildings were installed on time despite supply chain difficulties due to lockdown, on to a surface which was never designed to hold a building, so quite an accomplishment all round!

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