Covid social distancing facility

Covid presented positive challenges for this national retailer - an explosion in internet shopping (and so workforce) and the need to social distance staff facilities - so they needed a much larger staff canteen quickly, with only a busy sloping car park available to use.

JD Sports Fashion PLC

What do you do when you need to build a large canteen on a sloping car park (that sits on a busy matrix of pipes & cables etc)?

Or, as it happens, the requirement could just as well be a temporary classroom, or other ‘inhabited’ / welfare facility…

Answer: build a raised & levelled steel frame non-slip surface timber floor as the base for the temporary building, after careful subterranean surveying & CAD-planning, all under expert guidance.

NB whilst the timber skirting & leg boxing tidies up the finishing look nicely – and we fitted lighting & heating, we really could have made the thing look a lot more “cafe like” (glazed windows & doors, fans, aircon etc) … but the client specifically wanted the “bland industrial look”, presumably to not encourage lunch time loitering – it’s a busy place! At least there’s a smoking canopy.

Drop us a line or give us a call to discuss something vaguely similar for a site near you! As bumpy or uneven a surface as you like!

BigBox can help with your social distancing building / facilities requirements (canteens, welfare, classrooms, atrium etc) and all manner of ‘more usual’ applications like warehousing/storage, workshops, canopies etc.

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