Why consider our buildings

A solution that works for your business at every level. Our buildings help your business to retain the agility and flexibility it needs.

Quick build turnaround

Considerable longevity

Solution for your business

High VNA racking & more

big box buildings
A solution for your business

Business problems often require quick, versatile solutions

A traditional build can be too slow and/or too expensive, forcing a less than ideal solution, e.g. offsite rental. There are a number of reasons why you should consider our buildings:

Surface-anchored or bolt down buildings, especially temporary, have a quick build turnaround and offer considerable longevity.

If available space is at a premium we can produce a building to suit a particular or irregularly shaped floorspace.

We can build to a suprisingheight and offer high VNA racking or bespoke mezzanines, to maximise storage capacity within an available footprint.

If you simply don’t have the available onsite space to create new facilities we can build offsite. Why not build larger and sub-let the extra space after solving your own problems?

Big Box - warehouse solutions
Flexibility & options

If you are looking at an immediate need, our range has been designed for you

Because we offer a large number of options in our choice of temporary to fully steel buildings we can supply clients with a wide range of applications at varying investment levels:

  • Our site-assembled relocatable buildings are modular and during use can be extended or contracted length-ways according to changing business needs.
  • We can integrate with existing structures, for example via a fixed (sealed) link or retracting tunnel, forming an extension or allowing dry transit.
  • Outright purchase is often seen as the long-term choice but leasing offers financial flexibility during uncertain times.
  • We can supply a building shell on its own, in standard or customised format. Or it can be provided with as many fitments, add-ons or equipment as required.
  • Our steel building systems are a great alternative to aluminium and still available as ‘temporary’, i.e. lightweight PVC roofed buildings.
  • Choose a heavyweight, all-steel building whenever higher standards are needed.
We can guide you through regulatory compliance

Our buildings offer compliance with various industry standards

  • Our structures are ideal solutions for meeting standards of Compliance in several industries e.g. those laid down by BRC in Food, MHRA in Pharma/Health and environmental protection regulation for Waste & Recycling etc.
  • They can fully comply with Building Regulations and insurance companies’ strict and arduous requirements.
  • Our buildings can conform to the toughest fire regulations if required. For example in fire safety they can be specified for resilience, containment and suppression.
  • We can happily guide you through all issues relating to Planning permission.

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