Leisure, hospitality and commercial facilities

Our buildings can be quickly & cost-effectively installed, whilst being custom-designed to requirements, so make ideal spaces for leisure and sports use as well as a range of commercial and public applications.


Custom designed

Range of applications

Sports, Commercial & Public Sector

Our buildings can be used for a wide range of sectors

Flexibility, speed of response and lower cost are all benefits that make our temporary and semi permanent buildings ideal for uses including:

General Sports Facilities

Gyms, Sports Centres & Leisure Clubs

Swimming Pools

Hospitality, Events & Venues

Education & Commercial

Local Authorities & Emergency Services

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temporary and semi permanent building uses within the Sports, Commercial and Public Sectors…

Our buildings make excellent sports halls & facilities for public or private use. They can be specified with extra height roofs, so full-sized pitches and courts can be accommodated with no internal obstructions.

The main advantage we have is that our buildings can fit to existing hard standing surfaces, often avoiding the need for costly groundworks. They can also be designed as required, e.g. to include more glass windows, doors and skylights for example. We can offer an open plan building shell for you to fit out or we can design and supply it so that it is internally partitioned, fully fitted out and equipped with a suitable sports floor. Our standard sports steel frame design has no internal wires to encroach in or around the playing or exercise area unlike many temporary sports buildings.

We find in this market that clients need to be able to move quickly and, as floorspace is in effect what they sell, our temporary and semi permanent buildings fit the bill when it comes to expansion or acting as cover for new build or refurbishment.

Private or public run sports facilities often need to find a reliable supplier of temporary buildings, to meet extra demand for floorspace or replace facilities during refurbishment or new build. We can supply a temporary building during a renovation, during rebuild or whilst waiting for a traditional build project to complete or get approval/funding. This makes them an excellent stop gap option. These can be bought outright or hired. In fact many customers keep their temporary and relocatable buildings for use afterwards, as they find the flexibility of owning one meets future short term needs. If a more secure building is needed then temporary buildings may not be right and our all-steel exterior sports buildings are probably more suitable. These semi permanent buildings can be scaled up to sports centre size and are designed for long term use.

To get the full benefit of a swimming pool in the UK it is essential, if it is open air, to have the option to cover it. Or as a temporary facility, adequately insulated.

Pools can be housed in temporary buildings but significant condensation forms on the PVC roof which gives problems in use. To eliminate this, especially if the facility is in continuous and longer term use, our all-steel panel semi permanent buildings are ideal. They are more economical to buy than constructing a traditional building and require much less heating than a standard off the shelf pool housing.

Temporary or semi permanent extended facilities are important to hospitality and event organisers and venues across the UK. Hire companies can also benefit from purchasing or leasing buildings like ours.

By using more glass and features like door canopies, indoor fittings and decorations we can offer visually and highly attractive facilities for the hospitality marketplace. These economically attractive solutions also appeal to large venues, event management and marquee rental companies. As multi-purpose facilities, they are great for any occasion, including Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE) as well as social events like weddings. They can be located at a hotel, trade centre, sports, country club or clubhouse, in fact any space. They can also be used by marquee rental companies as an affordable high quality temporary or semi permanent space for their clients to hire.

Note: For clarity, we offer structures for purchase outright or with a Lease. We do not rent out these structures to the public for events or one-off hire.

Schools, colleges and universities can meet their short and longer term building strategies by using our temporary and semi permanent structures, especially to meet Covid or Pandemic social distancing requirements.

As well as our more standard uses such as storage, workshops, sports facilities etc, educational establishments, such as schools, colleges and universities, can make good use of our buildings. Provided as temporary or more permanent classroom facilities, lecture halls, laboratories, studios, common rooms and even exam centres they can be fitted out to your standards and needs. They can be used as short-term facilities but also as cost effective and quick to erect longer term solutions. They are fully compliant with Building Regulations and all fire and health and safety regulations. In more recent times customers have used them to keep people socially distanced, as facilities such as reception areas, halls, dining rooms etc. Workplace canteens are a further application.

Many businesses don’t realise what a major advantage our buildings can bring, whether its space, display or a combination of both that they need. There are many commercial uses our temporary and semi permanent buildings can be put to.

Temporary buildings are often deployed in the commercial and retail sectors, for example during renovations or rebuilds. They are adaptable, comparatively quick and easy to erect and can be bought by Groups or multi outlet or branch businesses to use at various locations when needed. We can accommodate a wide range of commercial and retail uses; wholesale, supermarkets, farm retail, white and brown goods storage, DIY/home improvements outlets, at point of sale warehousing, product display, dealerships etc. When a temporary building isn’t suitable one of our all-steel exterior buildings make a viable, high quality, cost-effective long term option to traditional build.

There are many situations where large public bodies and organisations need to respond quickly. And often this response involves the provision of secure and weatherproof buildings, to operate from or store items in. We can provide these needs quickly and efficiently in a full, turnkey operation.

One major aspect that our buildings deliver on is speed of turnround. In a matter of weeks an open space, with minimal ground preparation, can be turned into a fully working facility to store goods, provide a place of work or act as a point where people can meet for whatever reason. This makes them ideal for Local Authorities, Emergency Services and other public bodies, who often have to respond very quickly to a public need or want. Whatever the situation our temporary and semi permanent buildings can provide the response needed. And our ability across the Big Box Group to supply pretty much everything that is required within a building means we can deliver on any brief.