Our Buildings are perfect for more space

At Big Box Buildings we provide temporary and semi-permanent buildings as a lower cost, lower risk and swifter build option for a wide range of industrial uses.

Warehousing & Storage

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Industrial Uses

For our temporary and more permanent buildings

Industrial businesses have been the traditional customers for our types of buildings. Applications include:

Production Facilities

Waste & Recycling

Specialist & Bespoke Applications

Our buildings are a useful option when considering your facilities plan. Temporary buildings are often selected as they’re quick to erect and seen as a cheap option. And our more permanent buildings offer a standard of performance you might not expect.

The following are a few examples of industrial use…

Storage is the most common use for our buildings. From as simple as covering an area of a yard to a fully featured warehouse extension…

If you need this sort of facility quickly then an aluminium framed, PVC roofed, steel walled temporary building is usually best. If a taller or wider building is needed then we offer steel frames, e.g. a 60m single span and 15m eaves height. If a higher standard building is needed our semi permanent offering, with an all-steel exterior and frame specification satisfies the most demanding needs. And if you don’t have the available space on-site, we can build off-site. A cheaper option than renting a commercial unit, especially if you have to commit to a long lease.

We can make almost any size and shape needed to best suit your site and allow as many vehicles as required to be loaded and unloaded at the same time in the dry…

A straight forward roof only canopy or a version with some closed sides, makes an excellent covered loading area. Such canopies are often paired with an enclosed storage facility and may be more suitable using ‘temporary’ construction using a PVC roof. Steel frames are better suited to canopies than aluminium frames due to their significantly stronger design which is also quieter in the wind. Alternatively, particularly if space is tight, a retractable tunnel provides temporary cover for a loading area – with its concertina, telescopic design allowing it to be simply pushed back in to a fraction of its size when not required.

Whether your new workshop is an extension to your existing facility or a new dedicated area we can supply a building that will be totally fit for purpose…

Although often erected as a ‘temporary building’ with a PVC roof, often due to the short commissioning and build timeframes involved, an all-steel building makes a far better insulated workshop environment. For example it’s condensation free, fire resilient and it has lower running costs due to improved thermal efficiency. We have seen these buildings used across a wide range of industries and applications, from vehicle workshops to manufacturing and assembly areas. They are commonly used for extending machine shops, engineering stores and as independent manufacturing spaces.

Most industrial process need an appropriate temperature controlled and safe working environment. And that means an all-steel semi permanent building.

Often ordered as standalone units we also supply our buildings as integrated factory extensions. Due to their size, height and width requirements, these facilities often require an all-steel semi permanent solution to achieve the higher standards needed. These will last for decades in situ with minimal maintenance and can themselves be easily extended giving you the flexibility to increase production in a very short timeframe. Our buildings are suitable to house large machinery, production lines, assembly plants and things like overhead crane gantries.

From retracting material bays covers to recyclate storage and waste cover, we have a solution.

Increasing compliance rules and performance expectations in the waste & recycling industry means operations increasingly need to be covered. From preventing odour leakage to waste blowing away in the wind, a bolt-down building is often the answer. We can quickly provide a steel frame PVC roof canopy (with or without steel walls), cover over your materials bays or provide a huge steel waste processing building, free-standing or as an extension to your existing facilities.

The options we offer extend well beyond standard temporary buildings and may well represent the best choice for your business.

Wherever a building is part of your business plans, in the present or future, you need to consider a temporary or semi permanent solution instead of just looking at a traditional new build or renting a commercial building. The main advantages for specialised businesses and those looking for a bespoke solution to their business neds are speed of deployment and major savings on the actual building as well as the later operating costs. Please contact us to have a conversation on how we can help.