Become More Efficient Through Improved Scanning…

Pressure is on in the scanning/picking area of the logistics delivery process Volumes in certain sectors are up by up to 50%.

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Wearable Scanners

Gain more competitive edge…

How do you pick more efficiently and equally as important avoid picking errors. At Big Box Automation we are working with a company called ProGlove on a range of wearable scanners to help you meet increased activity and improve performance.

Efficient barcode scanners

The scanner is positioned on the back of the hand on a wrap that works over bare hands or gloves. It can also be mounted to a reel device that can be clipped onto a belt or worn on a lanyard.

Increased dexterity

Employees always have two hands free to concentrate on other work. So, for example the device can be worn whilst driving a fork lift.

Freedom of movement

If the worker reaches for a package, he doesn’t need to put down the handheld barcode scanner after use and pick it up again for the next step.

Workflows become seamless

There is less interruption which increases efficiency and process quality resulting in cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

ProGlove’s personal wearable scanners range is the lightest and fastest in the market. In combination with a superior software and analytics platform, the products provide critical data benefits for operational management while supplying frontline workers with the tools they need.