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A comprehensive range that provides all your needs in one
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The ProGlove range consists of three MARK scanner types, wearables for operators to use, accessories and software:

proglove wearable barcode scanner

MARK Basic

MARK Basic provides greater efficiency, process quality and ergonomics in your retail and warehouse environment.

This glove or reel scanner allows for easy hands-free scanning. Ideal for workstations with a limited number of scans. MARK Basic is an ideal fit for logistics operations.

  • Connectivity: Android App, iOS SDK or via USB (Gateway).
  • Size: 50mm x 45mm x 15mm / 1.9in x 1.7in x 0.5in.
  • Mid range scan engine option only.
  • Optic, acoustic and haptic feedback function.

Instead of interrupting work to reach for the handheld scanner, employees move more freely since the scanner sits on the back of the hand. With the Bluetooth Low Energy Standard you can connect MARK Basic to existing systems and end devices without integration issues. The battery allows up to 5,000 scans per charge.

On average, logistics employees reach for their barcode scanner 1000 times per shift. With a handheld scanner they pick it up and put it down again with every single scan. These are unnecessary hand movements, which take up time, interrupt the workflow and thus become potential sources of error. If employees have a wearable barcode scanner on the back of their hands, they can concentrate better on the work and save time. The hands are then free for primary work, like picking items or transferring stock. Thanks to the optimised scanning range of 30cm – 150cm, whether the employee is operating from a forklift and scanning the storage area or standing and picking up packages for scanning, the data is captured.

MARK Basic supports your warehouse staff in situations where it really matters. In areas such as stock placement, relocation, palletising and picking.

ProGlove Scanner
ProGlove Wearable Scanner


Achieve maximum productivity in all application areas with MARK 2. The small, portable wearable scanners are the ideal companion for employees who perform a large number of scans.

Lightweight, rugged, and ergonomic – this glove or reel scanner can help users across the entire supply chain save up to 4 seconds per scan.

  • Connection via Bluetooth Low Energy and Sub 1-GHz frequency.
  • Lightweight: Only 40g / 1.4oz.
  • 2 scan engine versions: mid range and standard range.
  • Battery runtime: approx. 10000 scans.

MARK 2 saves your team the need to reach for a handheld scanner in every single scanning step, saving up to 4 seconds per scan in the process. The optic, haptic and acoustic feedback informs the wearer whether the process step was correctly achieved. This reduces the error rate by up to 33%. With a battery life of up to 10,000 scans per charge, MARK 2 is perfect for industrial applications with high scanning frequency: picking, sequencing, incoming goods, production lines, quality control, outgoing goods and more.

There are two versions of the MARK 2, the Standard Range with an optimal scan range of 10 – 80 cm and the MARK 2 Mid Range with 30 – 150cm. These two variants, open up a wide range of applications – both in logistics and production. These include fixed workplaces, such as packaging stations, production lines or goods receipt. In combination with a tablet or smartphone, MARK 2 can be used for order picking with high-speed pickers in high-bay warehouses.

MARK Display

The high-resolution mid range scan engine is designed for flexibility and a range of uses, from scanning individual items to scanning pallets from a forklift.

This is a lightweight, ergonomic, wearable scanner that presents crucial information where and when your workers need it most. This smart wearable scanner replaces traditional Mobile Computer Guns and can work in combination with any smart device.

  • 1.54″ E-ink display.
  • Mid range scan engine option only.
  • Size: 50mm x 45mm x 15mm / 1.9in x 1.7in x 0.5in.
  • Connection via Bluetooth Low Energy.

MARK Display adds intelligence to picking, sorting and sequencing processes by communicating the essential data that workers need in a lightweight, wearable form that improves efficiency and performance. The combination of wearable scanner and smart display is fully configurable to provide information like storage locations, product identifiers, and quantities from WMS and ERP systems, providing information straight to the MARK display.

MARK Display is the size of a matchbox and weighs only 48 g which makes it lighter than many smart watches on the market. It eliminates the need to lift and carry traditional scanners that can weigh up to 10 times as much.

ProGlove for warehouse automation
ProGlove for scanning


ProGlove’s wireless, wearable barcode scanning options include the Index Trigger and Reel. Both are compatible with the entire MARK Family of scanners and are the key to unlocking futureproof barcode scanning solutions.

Increased efficiency, greater safety for workers, and reduced disruption to workflow is made possible by ProGlove’s wearables. The design considers every aspect of the human worker, common logistics functions and industrial workflows. The result is a configuration that provides lightweight comfort and full dexterity, enabling higher scan speeds.

There are two wearable options:

Index Trigger Overview

Put on the Index Trigger glove and be ready to work in seconds.
No cables, sleek design with worker safety in mind.
Available in sizes small, medium, and large for left and right hands.
Ergonomic trigger position, field-tested to ensure limited fatigue.

REEL Overview

Worn as a tiltable clip or lanyard, easy to access and operate.

  • Durable Aramid thread with a reach of 70 cm / 27 inches.
  • Pull-to-scan function engages scan engine when pulled.
  • Second release option with button on the back.

REEL Further Info

The button-press-scan function of the Reel wearable option is simple to operate. It engages the scan engine either when Reel is pulled out from the base or in the closed position. Easily and quickly within reach to scan what you need, when you need it.

The Reel is a retractable, immediately available, at-your-fingertips scanner ideal for low-scan-volume environments such as manufacturing and retail. Or when total hands-free or special glove types would prohibit the use of the Index Trigger

Charging Station

Special Charging Stations are available for the whole MARK range. A full charge cycle of a MARK scanner is complete in less than 2 hours and status is indicated by the scanner’s optical feedback LED.

There are two sizes of charging station, a 2 slot and a 10 slot. Both are designed to be easily fixed in place on horizontal surfaces or they can be mounted vertically.

  • Two Slot – This Charging Station enables simultaneous charging of up to 2 scanners from the MARK family. Ideal for use where barcode scanners are distributed across individual workstations, or in a large environment rather than in a central area. Size 140 x 56 x 19mm.
  • Ten Slot – This will charge any product from the MARK family and is ideal for central device management. The charging process takes two hours per module – regardless of how many other scanners are charged at the same time.  The rugged aluminium backplate provides a range of mounting options. Size 298 x 203 x 25mm.
scanner charging stations