Ranger GTP Fulfilment robot

Your Goods to Person Robotic Warehouse, eCommerce or Distribution Centre Servicing Solution – Ranger GTP.

Extended, durable life

Meet all your needs

Warehouse, eCommerce, Distribution

Designed for goods-to-person

goods to person automation

Our Ranger GTP robot will meet all your needs

The Ranger GTP fulfilment robot intelligently performs, flexibly adapts and machine learns. It has been designed to give an extended, durable life in use. The Ranger GTP operates in combination with GreyMatter, the dedicated operational management software and your human workforce. It has been task-designed for goods-to-person servicing including warehouse movement, delivery consolidation, packing and sorting for dispatch.

Ranger GTP is an innovative Goods-to-Person solution. It intelligently navigates to bring inventory to workers via Mobile Stock Units (MSUs). Workers use GreyMatter intelligence to instruct tasks and the robots communicate in real-time with the GreyMatter hub as orders are continuously evaluated and prioritised for the highest yield.

Ranger GTP delivers greater e¬fficiency and faster speed-to-fulfil. It has the ability to handle a variety of items eg apparel, home furnishing, and personal care, etc. Warehouses that serve retail stores or eCommerce can now run high-speed, cost-e-fficient operations by automating order fulfilment processes (put-away, storage, replenishment, and picking).

Ranger GTP (M)
Payload type: Items, Cartons, Apparel on Hangers
Payload: 600 Kg(1322 lbs)

Ranger GTP (XL)
Payload type: Pallet, Drums, Sacks, Cartons
Payload: 1600 Kg(3527 lbs)

Mobile Stock Unit (MSU)

  • Stores big and small cartons, individual items, pallets, and much more.
  • Ability to reconfigure when inventory characteristics change over time.
  • Variants: Hangers for apparel, bins for auto-spare parts and pallet/barrel drums for manufacturing.

Pick Put Stations (PPS)

  • Multi-purpose workstation with multi-lingual user interface for guided pick, putaway, audit and returns operations.
  • Enables operator to fulfil up to 48 orders simultaneously.
  • Variants – Supports various configurations including pallet handling, put from/pick to conveyor and roll cages.

Smart Charging Station

  • An intelligent side-dock charging system that allows opportunity and downtime charging to ensure 24×7 operational capacity.