Automate and streamline your warehouse bulk transport needs…

An autonomous mobile robot that will revolutionise your warehouse operations…

Autonomous Lift Trucks (ALT’s)

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR’s)

Increased Goods Handling Ability and Safety

autonomous mobile robots
Automation Structure

Ranger IL: Revolutionizing Warehouse Logistics

Ranger IL autonomously transports inventory payloads around your warehouse, dramatically improving the flow of goods and materials…

Working as an independent mobile platform Ranger IL can bring massive benefits to your warehouse operations:

robotic handling
robotic handling

Simple, ready-to-run implementation and the ability to adapt workflows in real time to accommodate shifts in delivery volumes or orders.

Ranger IL will generate a rapid return-on-investment through increased productivity, reduced material damage and save time and labour costs.

Ranger IL uses advanced navigation along with mobile-spatial intelligence to operate in collaboration with other robots, automated infrastructure, people and inventory.

The robot’s patented vertical motion Lift Deck™ enables it to handle most of the tasks that a traditional fork lift can, other than working at height.

Intelligent software studies performance in real time and orchestrates how and when Ranger IL transports inventory among zones.

It protects the safety of people and materials, reducing and even eliminating risks to workers and damage to inventory and infrastructure, often caused by forklift interaction and accidents.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Ranger IL delivers across so many levels…

Because it is ready-to-run out of the box, Ranger IL delivers immediate value in terms of time, cost and fulfilment accuracy.

His robot can carry part and fully loaded pallets as well as racks, trolleys, cages or mobile stock units. It simply slides under the load to be carried, lifts it off the floor and transports it to where its wanted or where it needs to be stored. Ranger IL can carry payloads up to 2,205 pounds (1,000 Kilograms) around your warehouse, controlled by software and linked into your warehouse management system, data recovery and reporting IT infrastructure. It offers a low-cost but fully automated solution to standard warehouse distribution technology and is often a business’s first venture into logistics robotics.

Autonomous Lift Trucks and Mobile Robots

Robotic Control Software…

Our range of Autonomous Lift Trucks and Mobile Robots are all software-controlled.

This gives you the opportunity of having fully automated warehouse operations that integrate seamlessly across your business IT and data platform.

The various hardware solutions that we offer come with their own software to ensure smooth, problem free operation. The main advantage is that this software will “talk” and integrate with your existing management and operational information systems. Providing you with the information and data feeds that you need.

In a modern warehouse you require smarter and faster technology and that includes the operational software that drives the machines. Our products use advanced data and IT to instantly evaluate the facts and make real time, best outcome decisions to organise people, stock and processes in the most effective way.

Autonomous Mobile Robots


Why a dedicated handling and fulfilment operating system?

Because old conventions can’t serve the new normal. In today’s ‘impatient age’ clients, customers and buyers write the rules. Immediacy, convenience, choice and control are on their terms. Locking in their loyalty means your systems must deliver “no-excuses” satisfaction.

Consistently providing this level of service, in the era of same day delivery, requires advanced fulfilment software science. That’s because:

  • The GreyMatter handling and fulfilment operating system drives optimal decision making, efficient orchestration and rapid execution across the entire intralogistics operation. So you’re ready in real time for whatever the market has in store.
  • GreyMatter automatically gets smarter so your processes continuously improve. As every new scenario is instantaneously assessed in real time, high outcome formula histories are called up, tested, applied, rejected or accepted for accuracy, efficiency and speed.
  • GreyMatter perpetually stores high performing outcomes on the basis of ‘what works best’. This dynamic knowledge base of data-driven information and best-case workflows accelerates and optimises every future decision and scenario to deliver perpetually improving operations.
  • GreyMatter seamlessly integrates software, smart robots and people, it instantaneously models best decisions to drive optimal workflows and execution using machine and adaptive learning.
  • GreyMatter adaptive learning, machine learning and real-time analytics dynamically integrate with GreyOrange intelligent robots to drive high-yield performance in real-time.