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Combining the expertise of original equipment manufacturers with unique robotic intelligence, you can now robotise 80% of your logistic applications. Using these Autonomous Lift Tucks will bring you incomparable cost savings, and quality improvements.

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Pallet Truck

The T-MATIC is a robotic pallet truck able to carry two pallets at a time, and loads up to 3000 kg.

This truck can perform platform loading and unloading, long distance transfer and stock line pick and drop. Its main features are:

  • Length: 3302mm
  • Width: 830mm
  • Height (without load): 2351mm
  • Weight (without battery): 1360kg
  • Load Capacity: 3000kg
  • Aisle Width: 4197mm (800mm x 1200mm pallet)
  • Travel Speeds: 2 m/s forwards, 0.3 m/s backwards, 0.45 m/s lateral
  • Stacking Height: 125mm.

Stacker Truck

The L-MATIC is a robotic stacker truck offering floor pick and drop heights up to 1650mm.

Equipped with Wi Fi communication this truck is perfect for those with low lift transport needs. It will pick and drop from the floor up to 1650mm and is good for delivery to machines, conveyors, racking etc.

  • Length: 2163mm
  • Width: 811mm
  • Height (without load): 2350mm
  • Weight (without battery): 1755kg
  • Load Capacity: 1200kg.
  • Aisle Width: 3170mm (800mm x 1200mm pallet)
  • Travel Speeds: 2 m/s forwards, 0.8 m/s backwards, 0.45 m/s lateral
  • Stacking Height: 1650mm.

Counterbalanced Stacker Truck

The MC -10 is a robotic counterbalanced stacker which can lift 1000kg up to 1600mm.

A robust lift truck this model has a 360 degree safety system covering the front rear and sides, making it very safe in a busy warehouse with lots of human interaction.

  • Length: 3089mm
  • Width: 952mm
  • Height (without load): 2349mm
  • Weight (without battery): 2169kg
  • Load Capacity: 1000kg.
  • Aisle Width: 4211mm (800mm x 1200mm pallet)
  • Travel Speeds: 1.8 m/s forwards, 0.8 m/s backwards, 0.45 m/s lateral
  • Stacking Height: 1600mm.

Reach Truck

The R-MATIC is a robotic reach truck which can work up to 11455mm.

A truck that can deliver high reach but also comes equipped with 3D camera pallet detection, a 360 degree safety system and Wi Fi communication.

  • Length: 2960mm
  • Width: 1561mm
  • Height (without load): 2491mm
  • Weight (without battery): 4205kg
  • Load Capacity: 1600kg
  • Aisle Width: 2900mm (800mm x 1200mm pallet)
  • Travel Speeds: 2 m/s forwards, 0.8 m/s backwards, 0.45 m/s lateral
  • Stacking Height: 11455mm with reduced capacity.

Very Narrow Aisle Truck

The K – MATIC is a robotic very narrow aisle truck with a reach up to 12215mm.

This truck can be configured to your requirements and is equipped with 3D camera pallet detection and a 360 degree safety system. It is one of the safest and most advanced ALT’s in the market.

  • Length: depends on configuration
  • Width: depends on configuration
  • Height (without load): 2346mm
  • Weight (without battery): depends on configuration
  • Load Capacity: 1500kg
  • Aisle Width: from 1800mm (depending on configuration)
  • Travel Speeds: 2.2 m/s forwards, 2.2 m/s backwards, 0.7 m/s lateral
  • Stacking Height: 12215mm.

Robotic Control Software

Our range of Autonomous Lift Trucks and Mobile Robots are all software controlled.

This gives you the opportunity of having fully automated warehouse operations that integrate seamlessly across your business IT and data platform.

The various hardware solutions that we offer come with their own software to ensure smooth, problem free operation. The main advantage is that this software will “talk” and integrate with your existing management and operational information systems. Providing you with the information and data feeds that you need.

In a modern warehouse you require smarter and faster technology and that includes the operational software that drives the machines. Our products use advanced data and IT to instantly evaluate the facts and make real time, best outcome decisions to organise people, stock and processes in the most effective way.