“At Big Box Intralogistics our solutions are designed to improve your handling, storage and fulfilment operations whilst increasing operating efficiency and reducing you costs”.

What do big Box Intralogistics offer?

We are one of the UK’s only single source intralogistics suppliers. With over 20 years experience in the sector, we are uniquely placed to offer advice, guidance and knowledge on every aspect of intralogistics, including initial facility design, implementation, automation, eCommerce and handling equipment.

Our services and products cover the following:

Facilities & Warehouse Design

• Warehouse Design
• 3D Simulation
• Racking & Storage Systems.
• Mezzanine Floors
• Labelling & Signage
• Office Equipment

Materials Handling Equipment

• eCommerce Robotics
• VNA Systems
• Conveyor Systems
• Automated Product Handling
• Picking Equipment

What is intralogistics?

With supply chain management becoming increasingly more important and complex in businesses today there has been a need for more integration across all the logistic functions. This has led to the term intralogistics, the transportation, handling, storage and distribution of raw materials to finished goods. Whether it’s the receipt and storage of raw materials or the delivery of actual products, the process needs to be seen as one integrated function – intralogistics.


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